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Spore Prints


  • Beautiful Spore Prints for your collection
  • High quality, foil printed and sealed
  • Viking Guarantee
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Grab yourself a beautiful spore print from your favourite Psilocybe Cubensis species or Panaelous.

Spore prints of only the highest quality for microscopy research. We have spore prints of each of our varieties of cubensis syringes we sell. These are printed on extra strong foil and sealed. Then placed inside a clear sealable bag.

Printed using the latest techniques to ensure contamination does not interfere with your microscopy.


Mckennai, Blue Meanie, PE6, Mazapatec, Malabar, Panaeolus Cyanescens, Jedi Mind Fuck, Ecuador, B+, Golden Teacher, Cambodian Gold, Albino A+

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