Frequently Asked Questions

It can all be quite confusing so we’ve laid out some of our most commonly asked questions, separated into handy sections. If we haven’t covered it, just give us a message. We’re always happy to help.

General Questions

What is a spore syringe?

When mushrooms reach maturity, they release microscopic spores (The equivalent of seeds).  These spores are collected in a way that minimises any possible contamination. Under lab-grade sterile air the spores are added to nutrient-free sterile water.

This solution will suspend the spores, for legal to grow kinds we can inject them into our grow bag where they will germinate and grow.

Are the grow kits suitable for me? I've never grown mushrooms before!

Yes! I designed the grow kit to be very straightforward and simple. Leaving very little room for error.
With proper care and attention, you can achieve up to 1KG of fresh mushrooms.

Full instructions provided and our industry-leading Viking Guarantee, rest assured you’ll be successful with our grow bags.

How should I store my spore syringes?

Spore syringes are best kept in the fridge, although they can withstand a few months at room temperature!

Gourmet Cultivation Questions

Are instructions included?

Yes! our instruction sheet is very detailed and will be sufficient to guide you through the entire process of growing gourmet mushrooms. We also send you extra guides by email after purchase to make sure you are on the right track!

Do I use the entire syringe?

Our grow kits are designed to take 5ml of spore solution. This means the remaining spore solution can be stored or used to inoculate a second grow kit.  Always flame sterilises the needle after inoculation and before storage.

What are the growing condition requirements?

Mushrooms are incredibly easy and versatile things to grow. The only real requirement would be an ambient temperature of 18c and above.

For most people, this is household temperatures (unless you live in an igloo!). For colder environments, we recommend the Dimplex thermostatic tubular heater 40w. It’s very low energy consumption and found on Screwfix / Toolstation

Light can be beneficial for growth, but mushrooms don’t photosynthesize such as plants so very minimal is fine. During the initial colonisation, they can be completed in the dark. In fact, they’ll even fruit in the dark but having the odd bit of light will help orient the mushrooms.


How long is delivery?

You can view shipping information here

Do you ship to America?

Yes, we do! Although large bulky items such as grow kits and other gourmet essentials are better to purchase from for much lower shipping costs.

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