Malt Extract Agar Petri Dish Plates

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  • Laboratory prepared, sealed, dated and quality assured.
  • The optimum formula for the growth of mycelium
  • Up your game with isolating genetics and cloning
  • Viking Guarantee
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Malt Extract Agar Petri Dish Plates

We are proud to present our laboratory certified Malt Extract Agar petri dish plates. They come in handy cellophane sealed, dated and batch numbered packs of 10.

Malt extract agar is the absolute best mixture for growing mycelium or germinating spores. Fantastic for growing out cloned mushroom material (dry or wet). Even isolating.

There really is such a world to discover in agar Petri dishes. The plates are triple vented, to ensure proper growth but don’t worry, they are designed to exhaust gas, without letting in contamination.

Plates are under our robust Viking guarantee.

Specification :

Petri Dish Size: 90mm (Triple vented)
Plate fill: 18ml of Agar per plate
Supplied in recyclable cellulose packaging

These Petri dishes are also fantastic for growing out various species of bacteria and doing general scientific tests or a great project for kids.

Common questions about Malt extract agar Petri dishes

What are the ingredients?

Perfect ratios, organic quality ingredients, sterilized and poured into triple vented certified plates

  • Agar Agar –  (Yes that’s the full name!) is the stuff inside algae that holds the cell walls together. It’s specifically extracted and turned into a powder. It’s essentially the vegan replacement for gelatin and works in almost the same way. Think about how Jelly is made. It acts as the structure in the Petri dishes. For your lovely mycelium to grow on!
  • Malt Extract – This is the sugar that forms the nutrient base. It’s at the perfect ratio to ensure healthy growth.
  • Water

What can I use them with?

You can use agar plates with swabs, spore prints, spore syringes, mushroom material for cloning. You could even lick one to see what kind of bacteria your mouth has.

How long do they last?

It’s important you put them in the fridge as soon as they arrive, or as quickly as possible. This will keep them fresh.

Once in the fridge, they won’t technically expire, but they could dry out. Ideally use within 2-3 months. For this reason, we only guarantee their sterility for 30 days.

Do I have to use the entire pack?

Nope! Unless you’re a hardcore mycologist it’s unlikely you’re going to use all 10 at once. Simply cut the cellophane packaging at one end, slide-out however many you plan to use and fold it back over and pop it back in the fridge.

Do they have a gurantee?

At Viking Spores, we make all our products, everything is hand-made and our quality standards are exceptionally high. For that reason, we guarantee all of our products. If you have any issues with contamination, you will get a replacement.

For plates, we guarantee them sterile for 30 days as long as the cellophane hasn’t been opened.

Mycelium on agar petri dish

Our malt extract agar plates are made fresh in the laboratory twice a week. This is to ensure you receive fresh, high-quality Petri dishes. We will endeavour to deliver them as quickly as possible.

We absolutely love to hear your feedback on our products, it’s what lets us know what we’re doing right and what needs improvement. We like to think that sets us apart as we are always improving to produce only the BEST products. You can read our reviews by clicking here.

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    Excellent, received next day and the quality is very good. Clearly know what they’re doing!

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