Coco-coir Bulk Substrate 11L


  • PH-Balanced
  • No added nasties
  • Optimum for mushroom growth
  • EC Balanced

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For the more adventurous in the mushroom growing scene combining your own spawn and bulk substrate can be a little tricky, but coco coir makes that easy. Not all coco-coir is created equally.

We have chosen to stock this particular one as it is the best coco-coir we have found for growing mushrooms. It expands to make 11L of the substrate. The way in which these blocks are prepared using intense heat makes them exactly what we want. With minimal harmful contaminants and PH balanced your mushrooms will absolutely love this coco coir!

You typically will mix 1kg grain with 11L of the substrate. For your tub size, you want to create a 1.5″ -2″ substrate depth combined with grain for maximum fruiting. Typically a 60L tub will require 2-3 blocks.

Prepare using pasteurization.

Note: Natural Trichodermas refer to Coco-coir being naturally abundant in Trichoderma, it’s very common practice for companies to add Trichoderma to coir as it’s beneficial for plant development. This is one of the few that don’t specifically add it, when pasteurized in preparation (I.e hydrating the block with hot water) you do not need to worry about it affecting your mushrooms!


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