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Take a seat. Let's get to know each other.

I’m Dominic, I started Viking Spores and I’m usually doing all of the manufacture, packaging, and dispatching. I’ve been an avid mycologist for many years. The world of mushrooms has always intrigued me.

I wanted to bring my years of expertise, and eagerness to teach in a simple, friendly, and efficient package. Without all the confusion, or endless headaches that online ordering can be.

I put an incredible amount of effort, care, and attention into all of the products. This is why I’m so confident to offer a robust guarantee.

In a world where fast, efficient ordering and delivery is paramount, there’s a risk of being a faceless company that cares more about bottom line than customer satisfaction. I firmly believe that customers are the most important element to any business. 

This Is why I’m always a message away and do my best to provide exceptional customer service. In fact, you can WhatsApp me at, whenever, at 07778083245. Email is [email protected] – If you ever need help. Maybe even a chat!

The product range is always expanding, we are proactive in our spores. Always on the search for only the best genetics to study under the microscope. The gourmet section will be getting more comprehensive. The grow kits are at a point that, with the guarantee are exceptional value for money and are only getting better. So check back frequently, there’s always something going on around here!

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