Premium Malt Extract Agar Powder Mix (Makes 1L)


  • Expertly mixed for optimum growth
  • Sealed, ready for use
  • Instructions
  • Viking Guarantee
  • Makes 1L of Malt extract agar solution

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The headliner in our new range of ‘Viking Lab Supplies’ – Malt Extract Agar

we are proud to present our pre-mixed agar. No longer will you have to purchase bulk quantities of expensive malt-extract and agar, perhaps purchasing the wrong kind or simply ended up with more than you could use and wasting it.

These pre-mixed pouches contain the exact quantities, mixed with precision in a special machine that prevents moisture from ruining the mixture. A common frustration and cause of people giving up with their agar plates.

Malt extract agar pouches make 1L of the solution, which you can sterilise then you fill either sterile Petri dishes with 20ml each or any other container that you like.

You can then enter the fascinating world of agar work with your mushrooms! You can ensure your plates will be the perfect ratios for maximum growth and success with our pre-mixed malt extract agar pouches.

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