Enoki Liquid Culture (10ml)


  • Enoki Liquid Mycelium (10ml)
  • Supplied In easy to innoculate syringe
  • 18g Needle
  • Viking Guarantee

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Enoki Liquid Culture (10ml)

The Incredible Japanese Enoki Mushroom, Flammulina velutipes, also known as ‘Velvet Shank’. An edible species of mushrooms that is very popular in Japanese meals.

Naturally, they are found growing on the stumps of a particular species of tree called ‘Celtis Sines’ although they are often found on other species such as ash and mulberry.

This fantastic strain, can vary from a mild brown to white depending on the levels of light its exposed to during colonisation.

This high output liquid mycelium is ready to inoculate.

What is the full name of the species?

Enoki (Flammulina velutipes), also known as velvet shank

How many Ml should I use to inoculate?

Per 1KG bag of grain spawn you can use between 5-10ml of liquid culture. More will mean faster times.

How long does the syringe last?

Once in the fridge, it’s optimal to use within 3 months. You can use it beyond this but they may not be as vigorous. 

Do they have a gurantee?

At Viking Spores, we make all our products, everything is hand-made and our quality standards are exceptionally high. For that reason, we guarantee all of our products. If you have any issues with contamination, you will get a replacement.

Enoki mushrooms

At Viking Spores, we’ve been producing liquid mycelium for years and we’ve picked up a thing or two on what makes cultures.

Every culture is selected to be high-output commercial grade.

Backed by our guarantee. You can rest easy knowing you’ll get a quality product, every time.

We absolutely love to hear your feedback on our products, it’s what lets us know what we’re doing right and what needs improvement.

We like to think that sets us apart as we are always improving to produce only the BEST products. You can read our reviews by clicking the link in the footer.

We have fresh batches of Enoki liquid culture made in the lab every few days to ensure you have the best of the freshest.


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