Are Magic Mushroom Spores Legal?

magic mushrooms
Mushrooms from the species of Psilocybe Cubensis

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What are magic mushroom spores?

In order to determine whether Magic mushroom spores are legal, we first must understand what they are. The spores are simply the fungus equivalent of seeds. The spores are created by Psilocybin-producing species of mushrooms during the reproduction cycle. 

From a legal perspective, in the majority of countries including the United Kingdom magic mushrooms are illegal to own or grow due to the chemical ‘Psilocybin’ contained within them.

However,  magic mushroom spores do not contain Psilocybin. The specific chemical that is legislated and controlled. This put spores into essentially a ‘grey area’.

Spore print of psilocybe cubensis
Spore print of Psilocybe Cubensis

So are magic mushroom spores legal?

So determining whether magic mushroom spores are legal boils down to whether the spores themselves contain any controlled chemical compounds. This is in essence how drugs are classified. For example, MDMA’s specific chemical structure is listed as a controlled and illegal compound. 

Psilocybin (The active chemical that gives magic mushrooms their ‘magic’.) chemical structure is classified and illegal in the United Kingdom and many other countries.

are magic mushroom spores legal?

 However, the spores of magic mushrooms do not contain any Psilocybin and therefore are not under the schedule of controlled drugs in the United kingdom.

 If you are in a different country, you can view the table at the bottom of the page for legalities in different countries.

This puts magic mushroom spores legality into a strange grey area. As they are not technically illegal, which means they can be legally sold and bought.

 There are other laws that govern the purpose of a sale. For example, if magic mushroom spores are sold within the United Kingdom with the intention of being grown, this would absolutely be illegal. Under the Serious crimes act 2007, encouraging or facilitating illegal activities can lead to some lengthy prison sentences.

Why would you buy magic mushroom spores?

Magic mushroom spores are fascinating to study, they are microscopically small. You could fit many hundreds of spores on the tip of a needle. 

Here at Viking spores, we sell our spores with the intention of being examined under the microscope. There are many people who buy them for novelty or taxonomy purposes. The law has changed significantly in recent times, specifically in the US, with decriminalization happening in some states. 

What the future holds is very uncertain, but we believe it’s important to preserve the genetic lineage in case the law changes.

Where can you buy Magic Mushroom spores in the United Kingdom?

We personally recommend

Legal status in other countries

You can read the below Wikipedia page for an up to date list on whether magic mushroom spores are legal across the world;

Are magic mushroom spores legal in my country?

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